"Sharing my story was a transformational experience for me.
I learned that opportunity has a time frame."

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200+ Students. 50+ Speakers.
10+ Community Partners

Thanks to the many groups and individuals we’ve partnered with so far, the Durham Success Summit has already made a difference in the lives of hundreds of young men of color in North Carolina. But we’re just getting started. Our initiatives go beyond the annual event itself and leverage student input directly to provide a lasting commitment to success for our attendees. Fully 100% of responding participants have reported walking away from the summit with actionable tools for success that they can implement in their lives, and 94% said they had gained further clarity on life and career goals after attending. We believe that this is the sort of work that has the potential to make lasting change in our community. The speakers and groups we partner with range across industries from tech to music to medicine to politics.

To this end, we provide the aspiring students and entrepreneurs who attend the Durham Summit with as broad a platform as possible on which to listen, learn, and share their stories. Our partnerships are growing every day. The work we do gives us a unique opportunity to reach the individuals making up our community in a setting that can be both personal and professional. The mentor-mentee relationships that form, as well as the services we offer beyond the summit itself – including personal development grants for things like the LSAT and MCAT, tuition costs, and start-up funding – are bringing real, positive change to African American men in our region.
Previous Keynote Speakers:

2019: Pierce Freelon, Durham City Council
2020: Gina Loften, Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft US

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