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The Durham Success Summit is growing larger every day. We are continuously seeking new partnerships and striving to expand our network to include the best, brightest, and most influential people we can find, all to offer our participants and audience the greatest benefit we possibly can. If you’d like to sponsor us, meet up with our team, or be featured at one of our events, we’re ready to talk! So, what does it mean to work with us?

Even today, young men of color in North Carolina face staggering inequities stemming from both financial and racial disparities in our society. With your help, we aim to change this. The Durham Summit features thought leaders, industry professionals, school administrators, and motivational speakers from a range of disciplines all coming together to substantially improve the lives of our participants and, through them, the broader Durham community.

Leadership, networking, and mentorship have proven to be key to the personal and professional development of college-aged African American males. Together with our speakers, sponsors, and other partners, we are building a platform that provides exactly that. However, your support will do more than just improve the lives of DSS participants. It will have a knock-on effect that sends positivity echoing throughout our region.

For our sponsors, you will gain a dedicated audience for brand development and exposure. By reaching out to these young men, you are instilling the potential for a lifetime of commitment to your product, service, or company, something that simple advertising cannot achieve. Who knows – one day, you may be hiring or working with one of our participants as a future leader!

To any school administrators looking for opportunities for your students, look no further. We provide opportunities for significant personal and career development to students of diverse backgrounds. Our aim is to help the young men of color from your institutions realize their full potential, whatever that may be – from post-graduate preparation to professional networking to community engagement.

And finally, any and all community leaders, from industry or politics or otherwise: we are confident that your involvement in the summit will mean added value to the greater Durham area. These young men are the future of our region. By reaching out, motivating them, mentoring them, you are guaranteeing their influence will remain here and make an impact for years to come.

Get in touch with us today through our Contact page. We’d love to hear how we can work with you to make the Durham Success Summit an event that features your expertise and your voice.

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